The Real Talk Performers was started in 1996 to provide teens with a vehicle for dramatic expression as well as a way to educate about cutting edge social justice issues.


The Real Talk Performers Mission Statement:

The mission of the Real Talk Performers is to inspire, educate, respect and advocate for young people through educational drama that empowers teens to make social change.


The Real Talk Vision Statement:

The Real Talk Performers envisions a community where young people are empowered to serve as advocates for social change.


To achieve that goal, the Performers:

  • recruit youth and adolescents to create original educational dramas on teen issues
  • prepare dramas for presentation, including pre and post testing to ascertain cognitive and affective outcomes;
  • present educational dramas to peers and adults to affect social change;
  • evaluate performances to determine the group's impact.



Real talk – Meetings/rehearsals on Thursdays at center, 4 - 5:30 PM, teen center Perform for Healthy Teen Network's annual conference as part of my pre-conference day on October 11, 2011. MJ workshop is entitled Real Talk about Real Teens. The Real Talk Performers will present The Diary of a Teen Label. On Saturday, October 15, they will also present at the Three Rivers Foundation workshop. The new performance for 2012 will be about dating violence and is called Txt Me, Luv Me, Own Me?


Past Performances

A sample of the Real Talk Performers past presentations (and location) follows;

Till Human Voices Wake Us - an original one act play about teen pregnancy. Performed locally and a the state level at the PA Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (PCTCP) annual conference at Penn State, 1996
Lunch Table  - an original representation of a lunch table conversation focusing on stereotypes.  First place winner, PACTP Teen Theatre Day, Harrisburg, PA, 2001.
It's Normal in Holland - an original play comparing European and American approaches to sexuality education. First place winner, PACTP Teen Theatre Day, Harrisburg, PA, 2002.
Gonorrhea Monologues - an original play about STIs. Winner, first place PCPTP Youth Conference, Harrisburg, PA 2003
The Real Love Story - an original play about love and sex. presented at local colleges and high schools, 2004
The Measure of a Man - an original play about manhood in American culture, 2005
Ain't I a Woman - an original play about the role of women in American culture, 2006
Colors, Shadows and Lines - an original play dealing with stereotypes, 2007
Unheard Voices - an original drama about LGBTQ youth. Presented at the Healthy Teen Network national conference in Baltimore, MD, 2007
Ask Mary Jo - original readings from Dr. Podgurski's weekly Observer Reporter column, 2008
Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Dorothy's Search for Reproductive Health in America - an original drama exploring access to reproductive health care, 2009
Dairy of a Teen Label - an original drama exploring labels and stereotypes in adolescent culture. Performed at the Teen Outreach awards Night on May 20, at the Trinity Middle School on May 27, 2010, and for AASECT at their National Conference on June 5, 2010.


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