Literacy Club
April 2, 2012

We had a great discussion about Hunger Games on the 26th.....we will continue that discussion next Monday after school and expand our range to include new books. Bring your favorites! See you Monday for pizza and great conversation! Common Ground Teen Center (22 W. Maiden Street).

Youth Conference at Washington and Jefferson College
April 17, 2012

Our newly trained W & J College peer educators will present a conference on STIs (sexualy transmitted infecitions) to high school students in the Rosen Ballroom at the colllege. The program is from 9 - noon and is free. To register, please contact Linda Adkins at 724 222 2311

Real Talk Series - A Conversation about Race
April 30, 2012

As always, young people inspire me. On Monday, April 30, 2012, we will host a new topic in our Real Talk Series - A Conversation about Race - at the Burnett Center of Washington and Jefferson College (across from Olin Fine Arts).  I've hosted several events in the Real Talk Series about adolescent sexuality, cyberbullying, sexting, or related topics. Monday is the first time we will venture into serious social issues; our teens and their angst surrounding the Trayvon Martin death were the catalyst for this discussion. Two outstanding young men will facilitate - Rueben Brock, a counselor and Doctoral Candidate at West Virginia University  and Ryan Bunting, an educator at Washington Park School and an Adjunct Faculty member at Washington and Jefferson. My role is simple: I hope to create a safe space where respectful conversation can thrive. I've asked these two fine professionals to facilitate since I believe each of us sees the world through our own "glasses" - our own perspective. My papa taught me that - he always said "If you want to know what Italians need you need to ask Italians". We can - and must - develop empathy for another's experience. The best way to become empathic is to listen. Our next Real Talk Series will be a Conversation about Disability and will be facilitated by Mike Matthews of TRIPIL. Mike shared with me the motto: "Nothing about us without us." We are all role models for our youth. Monday's event is free and is open to the public - please join us. You may RSVP (just so we know how many cookies to buy) via email (, by text (412 877 4906), or by calling Linda Adkins at our office (724 222 2311).