At Teen Outreach young people are empowered to lead. When Women and Girls Foundation awarded a grant to the Outreach to work with body image and raise awareness of  influence of media and marketing on body image, our teens responded! They immediately began planning to help create curricula addressing body image. Purchasing clothing at local retailers was quite a shock; a size XL in some clothing lines was smaller than a size S in others. A particular offender was a clothing line developed by Miley Cyrus. Our teens wrote a letter to Ms. Cyrus, expressing their displeasure.


Meetings are held monthly. Please check our calendar of events for information. Meetings are open to any one - male or female - interested in addressing this important issue.


Basic Facts About the Media’s Influence on Body Image


The average US resident is exposed to approximately 5,000 advertising messages a day (Alfreiter, Elzinga & Gordon, 2003). These researchers estimate that the average adolescent sees over 5,260 “attractiveness messages” per year.


Encouraging the media to present more diverse and real images of people with more positive messages about health and self-esteem may not eliminate eating disorders, but it would help reduce the pressures many people feel to make their bodies conform to one ideal, and in the process, reduce feelings of body dissatisfaction and ultimately decrease the potential for eating disorders.

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