Sexuality Education for All Children


Me Too is an innovative approach for teaching all children the information and skills they need to reach sexual health. Targeting young people with cognitive and learning disabilities, the curriculum provides assistance for  special needs youth and their parents/caregivers.


Sexuality is an integral, vital part of humanity; our sexuality is part of what makes us special and unique as people. Every person has the right to inclusive, medically accurate, and non-judgmental information about sexuality.  Dr. Podgurski has spent a life time developing education that promotes healthy sexuality; she advocates for the rights of all and is particularly sensitive to parents. Her evidence-based programs are taught to over 15,000 young people annually. As a certified sexuality educator and counselor she has served people of all ages and has developed educational products and programs that address the sexuality of special needs children and adults.


Me Too developed as natural product of Dr. Podgurski's commitment to youth. The name "Me Too" was given the program by a young man living with Down's Syndrome who has been a long time student of Mary Jo's. When asked what title she should give for her new curricula, he responded: "Why not 'Me too' because I get to learn too."


The 2010 ARC National Conference in Orlando, Florida . Dr. Podgurski provided a workshop at the conference on Me Too: Inclusive Sexuality Education throughout Life. ARC is sponsoring for Respect with us...our focus will be Respect for People of all Ability.


The following information describes the workshop:

The goal of this presentation will be to empower care-givers and parents with the tools they need to introduce healthy sexuality education to everyone. Me Too: A Guide to Sexuality Education for Special Needs Children and Parents is her most recent curriculum guide. The presentation will introduce her interactive teaching techniques, using student-tested activities, props and handout that stress the art of teaching this sensitive topic inclusively. Participants will leave the session empowered with the knowledge that they can address their clients or children's needs with comfort, accuracy, and ease.


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