The Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program provides intensive mentoring and education services to teens in Washington, Greene and Fayette County. The PPT program focuses upon PRIDE (Parenting Responsibly and Independently with Dignity and Empowerment) by offering intensive weekly educational mentoring to young parents.


For teens who are experiencing early childbearing, services offered are:

  • Tutoring and assistance with essays, papers or computer work
  • Doula or labor support services when needed
  • One on one educational visits at home or school
  • Programs for teen fathers
  • Mentoring and parenting education
  • Lamaze prepared childbirth

Pregnant teens may receive our services from the moment they discover a pregnancy through their graduation from high school or their 22nd year (if they withdraw from school). Our staff of social workers, certified childbirth educators and doulas provide one on one in home and in school educational mentoring on a weekly basis.


Statistics show that intensive, caring and consistent mentoring makes a difference in a young parent's life. During the 2010 - 2011 school year there were 93 Elect participants enrolled in the Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program in Washington, Fayette, and Greene Counties:

  • 57Washington County ELECT
  • 16 Fayette County ELECT
  • 20 Greene County ELECT


There were 0 second pregnancies in the three counties combined:

  • 0 Washington County ELECT
  • 0 Fayette County ELECT
  • 0 Greene County ELECT

Total second pregnancy rate in the three counties:  0%


ELECT Graduation rates: Overall 75%

  • 88% Washington County
  • 62% Greene County
  • 66% Fayette County¬†


PPT Pride puts the pride back into a young person's life by empowering him or her to set realistic goals, improve communication with families, and parent well. Our successful young parents have formed a Peer Parent Advisory Board and use their life experiences to help our professional staff develop new and innovative learning techniques to help in our mission to young people.


We have started an incentive shop with baby/toddler and household items. Our mentors are now linking goals regarding academics, career and personal achievements for dollars earned in our "shop". The young women and men will now get to purchase items they need for their child or their own homes when they earn dollars.


*Please check out our events section on the homepage for up to date programs and events to get involved with.