Often the young father is overlooked in teen pregnancy programs. Our father to father program seeks to link adult volunteers with young fathers in mentor relationships. The vital importance of fathering in a child's life is stressed and encouraged.

The Real Dads Father Program seeks to provide support, information and motivation for young fathers in the areas of parenthood, relationships, sexuality and responsible manhood. We acknowledge the reality that children born to young mothers are more likely to be fatherless and endeavor to increase the quality of father involvement. Specifically, we offer:

  • Peer support and discussion groups for father involved with teen moms
  • Mentor training
  • One on One mentoring services that link experienced community fathers with young dads
  • Skill building home visits
  • Employment assistance

Why Volunteer?

If we are to stop the cycle of early childbearing and it's consequences, we must reach out to each young parent, both make and female, with mentoring that will model good parenting. This is a community leadership initiative that needs the help of experienced fathers. The harsh truth is we instinctively parent as we were parented. If our contact with a father was non-existent or negative, we have no role model for fathering well. Committed, caring community mentors can bridge the gap between the past and the future. You supply the experience, the energy and the spirit to touch these young people forever.

Our Mission and Vision

The Real Dads Program is committed to supporting, educating and challenging young fathers to actively parent as well as identify a father's role in the family. Young fathers are encouraged to maximize their personal involvement and provide the leadership, teaching, love, financial provision and spiritual guidance needed to help their children develop and grow.


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